The goals of the ZOG

The Centre for East Belgian history (ZOG) wants

  • to collect, store and assess source material pertaining to the region’s history,
  • to pose new questions related to this history,
  • to present and explain the history of East Belgium,
  • to coordinate historical research in East Belgium,
  • to help those delving into the region’s history, historical associations and researchers and
  • to help promote awareness for history in East Belgium.


The aim of this historical work is to help people better understand how people lived together in the past, thus helping them to come to grips with the complex questions facing society in the present and future.

These goals are set forth in Article 3 of the ZOG statutes: 

The purpose of the association is to support historical research in the German-speaking Community of Belgium. This includes all measures aimed at safeguarding source material (whatever its nature), at processing, presenting and publishing (in writing, by audio-visual means, digitally or in any other form of expression) it, at disseminating research results, at coordinating historical research in the German-speaking Community among all those directly or indirectly involved therein, and at working together with other regional, national and international historical and research organisations.” cf. Annex to the Belgian State Gazette of 4 December 2014)

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